ParentsRoles of the Committee

Role of the Vice Chairperson

The role of the vice chairperson is as follows:

  • To chair the meeting in the absence of the chairperson
  • To stand in, for whatever occasion, in the event that the chairperson in unavailable
  • To assist the chairperson in as many ways as possible

Role of the Treasurer

The role of the treasurer is as follows:

  • To manage and report on the finances of the WPA as requested by the chairperson
  • To collect monies from the various events that raise money throughout the year and to lodge this money to the WPA account
  • These events include :
    • Saturday rugby tea and coffee (to collect from Reception every Monday)
    • The Social
    • Sports Day
    • Uniform Sale
    • Etc.
  • To issue cheques upon receipt of invoices/receipts for approved expenditure on behalf of the WPA, i.e. Shopping in Musgrave’s for rugby, Social, 6th form mass, 5th form musical etc.
  • To purchase the prizes for the 5th Form Musical raffle
  • To issue cheques to the various charitable organisations the WPA support throughout the year.
  • To work with the chairperson and the principal to see if the school requires anything
  • To present the finances at the AGM

Role of the Secretary

The role of the secretary is as follows:

  • To take concise minutes at the meetings 
  • To transcribe these minutes and send them to the chairperson for review and approval within 3 days of the meeting 
  • To distribute the approved minutes to the WPA committee 
  • To send a text to the WPA committee to inform them that the minutes have been distributed 
  • To work with the chairperson to draw up the agenda for the next meeting 
  • To send the agenda to the chairperson 1 week before the meeting for review/approval 
  • To send the approved agenda to the WPA committee on the Thurs/Fri before the meeting and to ask for AOB 
  • To send a text to the WPA committee informing them that the agenda has been sent 
  • To update the agenda with AOB and send to the Chairperson 

Role of the Chairperson

Appoint a full committee to include:

  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Vice Chairperson

WPA Meetings

  • meet with Principal to discuss the agenda for the WPA meeting.
  • Prepare agenda and distribute to committee prior to meeting
  • Prepare all documentation for meeting.
  • Chair WPA meeting 
  • Set up sub-committees who are responsible for particular events.
  • Appoint a head of each sub-committee that is set up.  
  • review the minutes completed by the Secretary.
  • Send minutes to the Principal for review/revision
  • distribute the revised minutes or ask the secretary to distribute.

On Going Activities

  • Liaise with people who are responsible for the different activities or leading sub committees.
  • Be point of contact for events, organise advertising and send out information via email, notes or texts.
  • The Chairperson may be required to address parents at functions ie.  The School Social, or Open Days for new parents.


  • The AGM should be held in early May.
  • It is important that notification of the AGM is given 2 to 3 weeks before the meeting.
  • If possible, the new chairperson should be voted on and approved that night.