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The school have several important policies and guidelines in place. 


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 Learning Support Guidelines                                                                          Medical Policies

Differentiation- an overview                                                             Adm. of medication policy

Gifted and Talented Guidelines                                                        Teachers & Admin of Medicine

LS Guidelines                                                                                     Record of Medical admin

Staged approach table                                                                       Medical indemnity form- Parents Final

LS Yearly Scheme Updated Feb. 2013

General Policies & Guidelines                                                                      Bullying/ Cyber-Bullying Policies

 Code of Behaviour March 2014                                                   Anti Bullying Policy February 2017               

 Basic School Rules March 2014                                                  Cyberbullying Policy March 2014

 General School Rules March 2014                                               Appendix 2 Cyberbullying advice

 Safety Statement II                                                                      

 Child Protection Policy                                                               

Dignity at Work April 2016                                                           

 Guidelines for Promoting Positive Behaviour

Critical Incident Policy RATIFIED 2012

 IT Policy

Data Protection Policy amended and updated version 14-10-2013

Mobile Phone and Personal Electronics Policy 2018

  The above Policies and Guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis and are updated/amended accordingly in response to the changing needs of the school and relevant legislation.