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The school have several important policies and guidelines in place. 


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 Learning Support Guidelines                                                                          Medical Policies

Differentiation- an overview                                                             Adm. of medication policy

Gifted and Talented Guidelines                                                        Teachers & Admin of Medicine

LS Guidelines                                                                                     Record of Medical admin

Staged approach table                                                                       Medical indemnity form- Parents Final

LS Yearly Scheme Updated Feb. 2013

General Policies & Guidelines                                                                      Bullying/ Cyber-Bullying Policies

 Code of Behaviour March 2014                                                   New Anti-bullying Policy March 2014

 Basic School Rules March 2014                                                  Appendix 1 Bullying Incident Report Form

 General School Rules March 2014                                              Appendix 2 Board Annual Checklist on Anti-bullying

 Safety Statement II                                                                       Appendix 3 BOM Anti Bullying Review Form

 Child Protection Policy RATIFIED 2012                                      Cyberbullying Policy March 2014

Dignity at Work April 2016                                                            Appendix 2 Cyberbullying advice

 Guidelines for Promoting Positive Behaviour

Critical Incident Policy RATIFIED 2012

 IT Policy

Data Protection Policy amended and updated version 14-10-2013

  The above Policies and Guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis and are updated/amended accordingly in response to the changing needs of the school and relevant legislation.