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  1. The Willow Park Junior School uniform must be worn daily by all pupils. Parents should make sure that their son is clean and neatly dressed for school every day.
  2. Hair should be short, neat and tidy (for hygiene and health purposes). 
  3. Proper footwear, as per the school uniform, should be worn at all times. ‘Runners/Trainers’ are not permitted during school hours except for P.E. and formal sports.


Pupils must be neatly dressed. The following is the required uniform for Willow Park.

1)      Grey Willow Park pullover/fleece/school jacket

2)      Grey shirt/ Willow Park tie

3)      Grey trousers, grey socks

4)      Black leather shoes- not boots

5)      For Junior and Senior Infants Velcro fastening on shoes and elastic tie.

6)      School tracksuit. (Boys will be permitted to wear the tracksuit on P.E. days instead of uniform) Sixth Form do not require tracksuit.

7)      Mouthguard


Uniform, tie, tracksuit, & schoolbags are available from Irish Items, Cross Avenue, Dun Laoghaire- Ph. 2300501. Sportswear will also be stocked by Irish Items.


Games Outfit:

Blue and white jersey, white shorts, swimming togs, cap, towel, white t-shirt, tennis shoes for P.E. and rugby boots. Boots should have traditional studs only, no blades allowed. The blue and white reversible jersey is especially recommended. N.B. Rugby boots and rugby jersey not required for Junior and Senior Infants.

Mouth-guards are a prerequisite for playing rugby. Every player must have a mouth-guard for every training and playing session. Do not lose it!