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Willow Park Junior School recognises and facilitates the important role of parents in the education of their sons.

  • The proper use of the homework diary, fortnightly Progess Booklets, reports and newsletters inform on the pupil’s classroom performance, extra-curricular involvement and opportunities available.
  • The family masses are occasions for community prayer and endorsement of the school ethos.
  • Formal Parent-Teacher meetings are held annually.
  • The Deans are available by appointment throughout the year for personal and formal consultation with parents.
  • The Parents’ Association (WPA) provides a vehicle for pro-active, participative involvement in the educational process.
  • The school website (www.willowparkjuniorschool.ie ) and a texting service to all parents facilitate communication.
  • Sports, Educational, Religious and Social Functions bring parents together, thus including them as valued members of the ‘Willow’ Community.
  • Parents are encouraged to liaise with the school throughout their son’s time in ‘Willow’ but especially when there are changes or events in family life that might impact the pupil and his learning.

Willow Park Student Council

True education is about nurturing personal responsibility and self-esteem.

In Willow, we believe in giving the pupils a voice and an opportunity to contribute to the life of the school. The Pupils’ Council is their forum and allows for open and positive communication within the pupil body and between the pupils and the school authorities.

Pupils' Council Constitution 

 WPJS Pupil Council Overview