Our School


Willow Park Junior School

Our school, 'Willow Park Junior' is an especial school. 'Especial' because it offers an enriched learning experience for young boys that provides a moral core, a caring ambiance, an academic foundation, a broad curriculum and an extracurricular programme that nurtures the Arts and Sport. 

The Willow Way

Rich in tradition but embracing modern learning pedagogy, Willow Park Junior continues its Spiritan mission of tolerance and care, allied to the need to respond to the challenges of our changing world - morally, intellectually and socially.

Willow Park and Blackrock College - a continuum in learning

Boys enter Willow Park Junior, progress to Willow Park 1st. Year and enter Blackrock College.   A Willow education provides an entry to a continuum of learning that is seamless, incremental and excellent. Our shared campus provides a stimulating and challenging education that cares for all its learners -whatever their talents.                                                                               

Central to this holistic enrichment is the involvement of Parents and extended family in the Willow / Blackrock educational experience.

Our Spiritan education reaches out to families and those marginalised in our society and world.

A Willow education prepares a young boy to respond to life in a positive, tolerant and loving manner: human relationships are to be nurtured, the needy are to be supported and challenges are welcomed (and resolved). Willow, in unison with the family, provides a moral base, positive self-esteem and a curiosity about life.