EthosFirst Holy Communion

First Penance

Willow boys make their First Penance in Second Form in the presence of their classmates, teacher and parents in the intimate setting of our school chapel. This is a joyful and loving occasion that marks one of the milestones in the lives of the children as they grow to know and love Jesus.

First Holy Communion

The boys make their First Holy Communion in May following the First Penance. This solemn celebration is held in Booterstown Church and is significant moment in the lives of the boys and their families. The school celebrates as a community in the school afterwards with friends and family welcome to refreshments in the hub and the cafeteria, kindly provided by the parents of First Form and organised by our wonderful Parents' Association.

Dates for 2017-2018

Thursday 23rd November - 2nd Form Parents are invited to the Communion Induction evening followed by  Enrolment Service for Comminicants and Families @ 7.00pm

Monday 29th January - 1st Confession for K2 - to take place in the School Oratory @ 2pm.

Tuesday 30th January  - 1st Confession for J2 - to take place in the School Oratory @ 2pm.

Thursday 1st February - 1st Confession for P2 - to take place in the School Oratory @ 2pm.

Saturday 12th May - First Holy Communion at 11am - Booterstown Church