As an Independent Junior School, Willow Park welcomes boys at Junior Infants' level. 

New class groups are created in 2nd Form and 3rd Form, thus facilitating entry at these levels for parents.

Because of our size (circa 600 pupils) and the nature of our intake (often families who travel internationally), there is always some 'movement' within our class groups.    

 Parents are advised to contact our Registrar to explore the feasibility of admission into the relevant year-group.



New Class grouping in 2nd Form & 3rd Form, Sept. 2016




Willow families will know that the school creates new class groupings in 2nd Class and 3rd Class every year. This facilitates parents who wish to send their 7/8 year old son (post Infants) to Willow and the tradition harks back to the origins of the school when boys joined Willow in preparation for their First Holy Communion.


Thus, if pupils have not entered in Infants, the ideal time to join Willow is in 2nd class & 3rd Class when these new groups are formed. Class groups tends to be full from 4th Form up.


Willow is presently inviting applications for 2nd Class, starting September 2018.


Should parents be interested, please contact our Registrar (Sandi Dunphy) on 01-7060624 or