Tennis in Willow Park Junior School

The Willow Park tennis ladder comprises of boys from 4th Form - 6th Form. The ladder has over 100 members. It works as a mechanism for ranking the boys according to their skill levels. As the boys play each other, their relative positions are adjusted reflecting the results of their play. 

So far this year, (Dec 2015) approximately 70 matches have been played.  The boys play the best of 1 set and the results are emailed to Every two weeks, an updated ladder is sent out via email to all the boys on the ladder. The top 32 or 40 boys on the tennis ladder represent the school’s tennis teams in the spring term. (Depending on how many teams we can enter each year - 4 or 5)

For many on the ladder it is not about making the Willow team. It is about meeting new people and just playing tennis. Huge thanks to Andrea Begley who puts so much work into organising and readjusting the ladder from October each year.