Young boys like to ‘play’ and the green fields of our campus provide space for our boys to express themselves in a myriad of ways, making Willow boys fit and healthy.

P.E. and swimming are part of the weekly time-table, with sports’ coaching and games taking place before and after school.

Although numerous ‘out-of-class’ activities take place in our school, Willow is, for many people, synonymous with the game of rugby.

 Of course other sports (like basketball, soccer and tennis) are played in the school; however, rugby is part of our tradition and all boys do play the game (beginning in 1st Form).

For us, the essence of sport is fun and camaraderie and the school pro-actively fosters such an approach - whilst also appreciating the competitive nature at the heart of many sporting activities.

Thus, a mature understanding of the demands and joys associated with sport is required by coaches and parents alike, allowing the boys to incrementally develop their fitness and skills as they proceed through the school.

Cognisant that this maturation takes place over an extended period of time and that a growing boy will pass through a number of stages of development during his time in Willow, our approach to sport is incremental and reasoned. Our programme grows with the boys and regular exercise helps form friendships and maintain health. Thus sport is very much part of the Willow experience.