The Willow Park Orchestra highlights many of our brightest musical talents, playing a wide range of music from classics to pop. The orchestra is featured at our annual "Songs In The Park" music festival in April. We'll also be performing in a range of activities including Christmas concerts, school masses, and the Inter-Schools Music Festival at Wesley College.

The orchestra is free of charge and rehearsals take place this year on Monday mornings before school from 7:45 until 8:40am in the cafeteria. 

The orchestra is constructed to cater for a wide range of musical achievement. Our senior members who play the more complex lead parts encourage and help their younger colleagues in a friendly and fun atmosphere!

Instrumental students who have achieved grade 1 standard are invited to audition!

Members can practice at home by clicking on the tracks below and playing along. It's fun! 


Rehearsal MP3s:


The Lord's Prayer

Holy Holy

Go Ye Afar




Ireland's Call


Shine Jesus Shine-17

Beethoven 5-Fanfare

Star Wars-WP 18

 Star Wars-WP 18-slower

Don't Stop Believing-WP18

The Curse Of The Black Pearl-WP18