Gaeilge 24!

6th Form Cumann na Gaeilge students spoke Irish all day on Wednesday 13th November. They met at 8am and greeted parents as they dropped their boys to school. They had a quiz and played some games in class that afternoon. They went to McDonald's and then bowling in Stillorgan and finished the day with some football and basketball in the new sports hall in the college. They collected sponsorship for the day which will go to 'Ciste na Teanga' funding Gaeilge projects throughout the country. Thanks to the teachers and parents for their support and huge congratulations to the boys who have been doing amazing work in 'Cumann na Gaeilge' classes all year. Well done boys - I knew you could do it! Déanfaimid arís é b'fhéidir níos déanaí san athbhliain. Rinne sibh jab íontach - maith sibh!

Mr. Crinion. 

Gaeilge 24!  Speak Irish on Wednesday 13th November!

Céard é Gaeilge 24?                                         What is Gaeilge 24?

Is é aidhm an dúshláin seo ná                         The aim of this challenge is to

daoine óga a spreagadh chun                           inspire young people to speak

labhairt as Gaeilge amháin do                         in Irish only for 24 hours.

24 uair a chloig. Beidh na mílte                      Thousands will be taking part

ag glacadh páirt ann ar fud na tire.                   throughout the country.

Cumann na Gaeilge i bPáirc na Sailí               Irish Club in Willow Park

Déanann timpeall 120 dalta                                Approx 120 students do

ranganna Chuaminn na Gaeilge                         Cumann na Gaeilge classes

 roimh an scoil gach Luan                                  before school every Monday

i bPáirc na Sailí. Le cúpla seachtain                  in Willow Park. For the past

anuas bhíodh daltaí ó rang a sé ag                     few weeks students from 6th

obair mar mhúinteoirí nó                                   class have been working as

‘ceannairí cumarsáide’ leis na                            teachers or conversation 

daltaí níos óige. Tá na daltaí seo                        leaders with younger

ó rang a sé ag iarraidh chaint as                         students. These students

Gaeilge amháin inniú.                                        from 6th class are trying to

Déan iarracht cúpla focal a rá                            speak in Irish only today.

le do mhac anocht! Seo dhuit                            Try say a few words to your

roinnt frásaí… Bain sult as!                               son tonight – phrases below!


Frásaí:                                                             Phrases:

Cad a rinne tú inniú?                                       What did you do today?

Ar bhain tú taitneamh as?                                Did you enjoy it?

Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh!                   Goodnight and sleep well!