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Suggested Reading Lists for 2nd - 6th Form

Attached is a list of suggested reading material that your sons might enjoy throughout the summer and over the remainder of the new academic year. It has been compiled with reference to the books that the boys have read and enjoyed from the library so far this year, by books they have recommended themselves and from a review of new available material. I have attempted to place the books in each list in order of reading difficulty with the easier reads at the top of each list. As you will see, some titles span a number of year groups, and while they might be a challenge to the younger children or to the reluctant reader they can also be an enjoyable quick read for the older boys.

The books have been placed into a number of categories to make it easier to decide whether or not they might be of interest to your son. Where possible, I have suggested a number of titles by prolific authors and altered those titles by year group, but obviously the idea is to introduce the children to new authors or types of books that they would not have necessarily tried on their own.

I have included standard fiction titles in the main, but do try graphic novels, poetry, anthologies and non-fiction – these categories can be used to stimulate interest in otherwise reluctant readers. The books in the Classics category may be a bit difficult for some, but very keen readers will love this type of book.

The lists cover a very broad range from the reasonably simple to the quite complex. I have tried to exclude any books where the subject matter would be too adult for the younger audience, but parents should choose with their own child in mind.  

I hope that the books from this list bring students many hours of enjoyment and encourage a life-long love of reading. I would be delighted to receive your feedback on the list at any stage. All suggestions are most welcome.

Happy reading!

Mairead Bermingham, Library Co-ordinator                   June 2016