Homework Guidelines

Aims of homework

  • To consolidate work being done at school.
  • To keep parents in touch and involved in their children’s work and progress.
  • To develop and encourage the habit of regular, independent study.

Guidelines for parents

Parents are encouraged to:

  • establish a set routine and time for the child to do his homework, in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • supervise the child’s homework, checking and signing it on completion (as agreed with Teacher).
  • help and encourage the child in his endeavours but not to do the homework for him.
  • forward a note  to the teacher if homework has not been completed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • reading, learning and oral work is as important as written work. Please listen to your child read and examine spellings and tables. However, please note that ’shared reading’ is not homework in the regular sense and it is simply meant to be an enjoyable exercise between parent and child.
  • please note that classes in Willow may use either a Homework Journal or Weekly Homework Recording Sheets - the choice being at the discretion of the class-teacher.

 What is the content of homework?

  • As pupils progress beyond Infants, homework should contain a balance between reading tasks, learning tasks and written tasks.
  • This balance is not always possible and can vary considerably from day to day. However, it should be noted that homework time devoted to reading and learning is as important as written work.
  • Homework will regularly contain reading, spellings, tables, written work, pieces to be “learned by heart”, drawing/colouring/making, collecting information/items and finishing work started in class.


Allotted time that teachers might expect the average child in each class to spend at homework( please note that these ‘times’ are rough guidelines and may vary, depending on class study /themes explored/ maturity of class group etc.):

Junior Infants                                  10 - 15 minutes

Senior Infants                                  15 - 25 minutes

1st & 2nd Form                                 20 - 35 minutes 

3rd & 4th Form                                  30 - 45 minutes

5th Form                                            45 minutes - 1 hour

6th Form                                            45 minutes - 1 hour 15 minutes 

In Willow, homework is set from Monday to Thursday. Normally, there is no set homework at the weekend (unless an individual’s homework has been neglected during the week). However, pupils in middle and senior classes may sometimes be required to work independently on projects at weekends or revise certain material.

Betimes (and at the discretion of the class teacher/Dean), pupils may be given “homework off” as a reward or as acknowledgement of some special occasion.

Homework can, at times, be challenging for pupils.  However, if homework is an ongoing stressful experience between parent and child, something is wrong! This leads to poor learning and defeats the whole purpose of enriching learning. Should this happen on a regular basis, please contact the class-teacher.


Reviews of set homework and its value in supporting the classroom learning of pupils take place on a regular basis  at Teacher Form Meetings.

Willow Parents traditionally support learning at home and share in their child’s development. Parents stay in touch with their son’s progress via the fortnightly Progress Booklet  (‘Judger’) which allows for communication between teacher and parent/s on an ongoing basis.